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Come on in! Learn about us & how we do things here.


In an unconventional space called Pekxel, we discover something more than a office... A home. A place to draw and create unique projects.

We look for that special detail to generate positive & peculiar experiences.

We are small pixels from different colours and only together, we composer a more powerful image.

Our magic come from teamwork & people's potential.



To build this space we focus on work and detail... However, we believe it's essential to create bonds and experiences between the team.

These are a some of the things that happen in Pekxel.

Bullying Fortnite Players

Occasionally some Furros too.


Each year we go camping for a weekend.

Here's where myths are made & legends are born.

Watch some football

We just love football (soccer).
The World Cup, Champions League, Copa Mx, we watch almost any competition.

We run friendly pools, we show our support for our favourite teams and we enjoy it all at the studio.

Have a beer, mate

We're part of a creative cluster, Integrarte.

Every 3-4 months, we take time to have a beer with the rest of the studios and companies that are located in this place.

We share ideas and meet new people.


We absolute love videogames.

As the year goes by, we throw in-house tournaments to crown the esports masters.

Antes de la cuarentena Deberían exportar las imagenes en jpg en lugar de png

Challenge of the year

During the year (specially in Christmas festivities) we challenge ourselves to be active.

We all participate in a 20-days-per-month physical activity challenge.

Si no cumples el challenge te despiden
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Pekxel greatest hits, listen what's played at the studio!

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