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Ibero Puebla App


After completing the website update/redesign, the Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla, trusted us to renovate and improve their app.

The objectives and requirements for this renovation were very clear:
The improvement of the user interface, the generation of new functions and the development of a better user experience for the community and their different users.

In order to create a wider and a more prepared product, an integrated Q&A process was done with the University to test thousands of possibilities.

year 2019

client Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

roles UI, UX, iOS and Android.

Client key words

"The project's main objective is to generate a new user experience; friendly and intuitive, for every platform (iOS and Android). The new app must have a new user interface and new functionalities"

The process

During the development we acknowledged the different types of users that would interact with the app, their specific activities and functionalities; we had to satisfy the needs of every single one of them.