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Estrella Roja has consolidated itself as one of the best and avant-garde Mexican transportation companies. They offer innovative and quality solutions as well as an excellent service to satisfy mobility necessities. "We have 110,000 passengers per day, 80 service points between terminals, CAT and support centres. We can fill the Azteca Stadium 230 times with our passengers, every year."

Within the Estrella Roja brands, Estrella Roja Aeropuerto is born. A premium mobility service between Puebla and the International Airport of Mexico City.

year 2018

client Estrella Roja

roles Developed and designed the new ER Aeropueto app and website.

Client key words

"We need to differentiate Aeropuerto as a premium service & we want the users to have a pleasing experience when buying their tickets through the app."

The process

Through a user centred methodology, the ER Aeropuerto app pursuits a fast and efficient experience to buy transportation tickets between Puebla and the International Airport of Mexico City.

Regarding the app, we worked and developed different prototypes to map out the user journey. With this, we achieved a quicker and easier purchase, adding value to the process.

Concerning the website, we could achieve a friendlier experience as well as simplifying the user's goal by asking a straightforward question: "What's your destination?".

One of the main objectives was to optimize the experience on smartphones. Since most of our users navigate through them, ER Aeropuerto is an entirely responsive website, accessible from every single device.