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Ibero Puebla


La Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla was looking for a redesign of their website. The primary goals were to achieve a better user experience and rethink the information architecture. We helped them by working with a methodology of in-depth investigation and analysis to fulfill an utterly new web structure without many ramifications and vertical levels.

With the new website, we were able to accelerate the administrative process to create a community that participates and (otra palabra que no sea create porque ya está justo arriba). With those components/details/attributes in mind, we built a website that lives and evolves through time.

year 2017

client Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla

roles Creative direction, design & development

Client key words

"We want a website that works like a showcase to expose our products, a site that is attractive, agile and that help us to be efficient when we are administrating the information of the site."

The process

During the research, we worked very closely with different types of users that represented the vast community of the university. Through our process, we were able to map out the experiences each and everyone one of them had.

The "Look & Feel" goal, was clear:
To develop a fresh, visually impressive & fully responsive website for our users.